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Weekend OD #1

This was an exciting week filled with firsts. One of those firsts is this post right here. The “Weekend OD” will provide you with a summary of all the posts I completed in the past week. It’s a great way for those of you who want, to quickly scan what was new from the past week. I had a lot of fun putting all this together for you guys and as always I welcome any feedback you might have. Did you really enjoy a particular post? Is there something I should stop doing? I would love to here what you think so I can keep giving you what you want. Leave a comment below or find me on Twitter.


  • Monday:

    Top 10 CSS GalleriesMondays are my “Top 10” days and this week’s “Top 10” list focused on my favorite CSS galleries. If you are a web designer and/or developer CSS galleries are a great place for inspiration and to stay up-to-date with current industry trends.
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  • Tuesday:

    Huge Repeating Website Background Part 1I wanted to start doing video tutorials and finally got the chance to do just that. I completed the first part of a two part tutorial focusing on how to design and create a huge repeating background image. Stay tuned next week for part two. If you have any suggestions for a video tutorial you would like to see you can send me an email or a quick Tweet.
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  • Wednesday:

    Vintage Logo InspirationOn Wednesday I posted a great set of vintage logos I came across a few months ago. They are a great resource and inspiration for anyone interested in logo design and vintage illustration.
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  • Thursday:

    20 Questions #3: with Mat MacQuarrieI had the pleasure of asking “20 Questions” to one of my good friends, Mat MacQuarrie. We had a great time doing the interview and would love for you to take a listen. Also if you missed “20 Questions” with Signalnoise or Abduzeedo I highly recommend you check them out.
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  • Friday:

    Weekly Finds #1During the week I visit a lot of websites and want to share the ones that stand out to me each week. Again this is another first and I hope to make it a regular Friday post.
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Next Week

Check back next week for another “20 Questions” with a soon to be announced guest. If you have guest suggestions or a question you would like me to ask one of my upcoming guests I would love to hear from you. I will be finishing off part two of the huge website background video tutorial. Also, on Monday I will be sticking to the CSS theme and posting my 10 favorite CSS3 resource sites. Next week promises to be just as exciting. Hope you find your way back!

  1. Reply Sergei Tatarinov

    Awesome, man! You’re doing a great job with ’20 Questions’!

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