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Just The Tip #3: How To Get A Dribbble Invite

Stop begging for Dribbble invites and start connecting with people through social networking. If you are social and create high quality work, an invite will come.

One way that you can expedite the process is to search on Twitter for people looking to give them out. People on Twitter will hold quick contests where they give away an invite based on the entrants body of work. This is how I received my invite.

Another way is to take a creative approach similar to what Davy Kestens did. He created a single page site that enticed people to invite him to Dribbble. The site was clever, funny and well done. I’m not sure how many invites he received, but he did get one and that’s what matters. The site that Davy created is still live, check it out here: www.pleaseinvitemetodribbble.com

Here is another great example along the same lines. This one is by, Sébastien Plaignaud, a French designer and developer. Check it out his Dribbble request site here.

So be pleasant and creative and the invite will come.

Another Option

If you are pissed off and can’t wait for a Dribbble invite there is now another option. Check out Favwork. It’s a little different than Dribble in that you can only have one image posted at a time. Here is what creator Stu Green had to say about Favwork, “The idea is that you upload just one item of work (your favorite) and change it every now and then. When you change your work, your old work will be archived, and your new work will be shown on the Latest Work page so people can like it.”

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