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Weekend OD #4

Another busy week in the world of Oakes Design. Unfortunately I was only able to get out 4 posts this week, but that’s ok, the time I spent working on something else will be worth it. So here they are, the posts from this past week.


  • Monday – 10 Free Sans-Serif Fonts

    League GothicThis post got a lot of attention, it turns out people like free fonts. Don’t forget to check back on Monday for a list of 10 awesome free serif fonts.
    See all 10 here

  • Tuesday – Feature: Glennz Tees

    GlennzTees.comOn Tuesday I wanted to feature one of my favorite illustrators, Glenn Jones. Every one of his T-shirt designs make me chuckle.
    See for your self.
    Have a laugh

  • Thursday – 20 Questions #6: with Matt Ward

    20 Questions #6 with Matt Ward of Echo EnduringFor this weeks 20 Questions I got to chat with Matt Ward. Not only is he an amazing designer and developer but his writing style is something that can not be over looked. Each of his blog posts on Echo Enduring are cleverly crafted, they cause people to question and think about the post at hand.
    Feed Your Ears

  • Friday – Weekly Finds #4

    Typography: ScrabbleWeekly Finds” posts are a collection of cool and/or useful sites I have come across in the past week.
    If you find a super cool site or a tool you would like to share with me I will feature it in my next "Weekly Finds" post.
    See What I Found

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