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Weekend OD #2

This week was a busy one for sure. You might have noticed that there was no post on Wednesday. That’s because I was working on a guest post for the good people over at Inspiredology. If you follow me on Twitter you will definitely know when that goes live.


  • Monday – Top 10

    Top 10 CSS GalleriesFor the Top 10 list this week I decided to share all of the great CSS3 generators, tools, and resources that I use to help me get the job done faster.
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  • Tuesday – Video Tutorial

    Huge Repeating Website Background Part 1I followed up last week’s huge repeating background video tutorial with Part 2. Part 2 of the video goes over how to create the CSS & HTML that you need to get your background on to your site.
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  • Thursday – 20 Questions

    20 Questions #3: with Mat MacQuarrieThis past week’s "20 Questions" was with Chad Mueller. He runs his own freelance web design studio under the name Projekt19. Chad is one of the two parts that run the web design and inspiration blog Inspiredology.com.
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  • Friday – Weekly Finds

    Weekly Finds #1This week’s “Weekly Finds” is full of great inspiration and loaded with info. There is a little something for everyone from typography nuts to web developers.
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Next Week

For the “Top 10” list next week I will be focusing on my favorite HTML & CSS Grid Systems. Of course there will be another "20 Questions" next week as well. If you have any guest suggestions or a question you would like me to ask one of my guests I would love to hear from you.

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