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Personal Calling Cards

A little over a month ago I stumbled across a video for Evan Calkins showing off his letterpress. As soon as I saw what he was doing I was sold. I have wanted a business card for a while now so this was the perfect opportunity to support his art and come out with an awesome card.

Hoban Press from Evan Calkins on Vimeo.

The decision to keep the card so simple was an easy one after I read Evan’s article about calling cards. Most people I give this card to will throw it away but for those that hold onto it I wanted to direct them to one place, my website. If I put more info than that and it changes I only have to update my website. So keeping the calling card simple will make it relevant for that much longer, no reprints for me.

If you are interested in having a calling card made for yourself or any letterpress project I would highly recommend Evan Calkins, he did an amazing job! He was also kind enough to send me some pictures of the process. Have a look below…


I would love to know what your thoughts are on calling cards vs. business cards, is one more effective than the other? or do they both have their own place?

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