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20 Questions #5 - Niki Brown

20 Questions #5: with Niki Brown

I had a great time earlier this week talking with Niki Brown. Niki is a web designer and developer who runs an awesome design and development blog by the name of “Design O’Blog“.


The Work of Illustrator Matthew Lyons

I came across the work of Matthew Lyons the other day and wanted to share it with you. His stunning illustration work is very refreshing in a retro kind of way.

CSS3 Selection Colour

Just the Tip #4: CSS3 Text Selection Highlight Colour

This is a great little CSS3 selector you can start using on your website or blog right away. It is not complicated at all and will show that you took the time and care to go just a bit further than the blog next door.

Less Framework

10 Awesome HTML + CSS Frameworks and Grid Systems

10 awesome HTML and CSS frameworks and grid systems that can help you get your next web development project off the ground. These frameworks and grid systems can save you a ton of time and hassle and will allow you to start using CSS3 and HTML5 today.


Weekend OD #2

This week was a busy one for sure. You might have noticed that there was no post on Wednesday. That’s because I was working on a guest post for the good people over at Inspiredology.

Typography: The League of Moveable Type

Weekly Finds #2

The second week of Weekly Finds is here. If you liked last week’s collection you are going to love this week’s. Lots of inspiration and information that is sure to help you out.

20 Questions #4

20 Questions #4: with Chad Mueller

For this week’s “20 Questions” I talked to Chad Mueller, another fellow Canadian. He is a free-lance web/graphic designer who runs Projekt19. He also runs an awesome blog by the name of Inspiredology.

Huge Repeating Website Background Part 2

Huge Repeating Website Background Part 2

This week is the follow-up to last week’s tutorial on how to create a huge repeating background image. This week we will focus on creating the CSS & HTML.