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Kyle Steed Instagram

Feature: Kyle Steed on Instagram

I have been a big fan of Kyle Steed’s work ever since I started following his 52 Profiles project. Since then I have been following him on the popular iPhone app Instagram.

United Pixelworkers

10 Cool T-Shirt Websites

A list of 10 T-shirt websites with nice design and great products.


Weekly Finds #7

This past week was a busy one but I still managed to find and put together a great collection of sites. Every one is worth a look.

Andrew Dertinger

20 Questions #9 with Andrew Dertinger

I finally got around to chatting it up with Andrew Dertinger this week. He is a super cool dude with a ton of online marketing experience behind him.


Decemberists Lyric Poster

A poster dedicated to the band “Decemberists”. Featuring hand lettering and photo manipulation. The lyrics are taken from the song “The Rake’s Song” off of the 2009 record, “The Hazards of Love” .

10 Canadian Female Web Designers to Follow on Twitter

10 Canadian Female Web Designers to Follow on Twitter

Last week I posted 10 Canadian Web Designers I Follow on Twitter. Turns out I didn’t follow any Canadian ladies. I received a lot of recommendations after that post.

Help Japan

Weekly Finds #6

Lots of useful web design and inspiration sites, and a couple user submitted finds.

20 Question #8 with Maebh Costello

20 Questions #8 with Maebh Costello

Maebh Costello was kind enough to take a bit of time to answer 20 Questions. Maebh works out of Limerick, Ireland and specializes in Illustration, Graphic Design and Web Design.