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20 Questions #12 with Evan Stremke

20 Questions #12 with Evan Stremke

This week I had the chance to ask Evan Stremke a few questions, 20 to be exact. Evan is a fucking awesome designer from Madison, Wisconsin who is currently working for a local design studio by the name of Planet Propaganda.


Feature: Sara Blake / ZSO

If this is your first time seeing the work of Illustrator and Fine Artist your eyes are in for a treat. Her work is a perfect example of how digital art can…

20 Questions #11 with Marie Poulin

20 Questions #11 with Marie Poulin

Marie Poulin is a digital craftswoman from Vancouver, British Columbia specializing in web designer and developer. She took the plunge into the freelance world about four years ago and hasn’t looked back.


20 Retro Signs in Southern Illinois

I came across these awesome photos of old retro signs on Arm.Arch’s flicker stream. They were all taken in Southern Illinois.

Blind Text Generator

10 Highly Useful Online Text Tools

A great list of text tools & generators that will help you whip your web typography into shape.

20 Questions #10

20 Questions #10 with Matt Jumper

Matt Jumper is one of the young guns taking the design industry by storm. He may still be in high-school but he packs a big punch and has a lot of great work under his belt.


Circle Farm Triangle

A personal design project. I wanted to experiment with Photoshop layer styles, textures, and colour. I would love to hear what you think!

Spark Box - Media Queries

CSS3: Media Queries in the Wild

Media Queries are here! The new, ‘hip’ approach to fluid web development.