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Just The Tip #2: Firefox Saved Password Security Issue

If you use Firefox’s handy “Save Password” button you may be at risk!

If someone knows these simple steps every password you have ever saved within Firefox will be revealed to them.

Step 1:

Go to Tools > Options > Security (tab)

Step 2:

There you will see a button that says “Saved Passwords”. Clicking that will bring up a list of sites that you have saved passwords for and the username associated with the site.

Step 3:

To see the passwords just click the “Show Passwords” button and poof all of your saved passwords are revealed.

If you were unaware of this “feature” in Firefox I am only telling you so you can protect your computer if it gets lost or stolen, not so you can go on to someone’s computer and grab all their passwords. That’s just mean!

Recommended Solutions:

1. The first step I always take is to set up a master password for Firefox. This will prevent anyone from accessing this list of saved passwords. Here is what the Firefox website says about saving passwords and setting up a master password to protect yourself.

2. If you use a public or shared computer I recommend never saving your passwords. It’s just safer that way. The couple of seconds you save is not worth someone gaining access to your email account or any other web application you save passwords for.

Play smart and be safe!

Author: Colin Oakes

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