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Feature: Glennz Tees

Glenn Jones is a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. His illustrations continue to amaze me. Every new design is as clever as the last; they always make me laugh. His designs are clear and simple but the double meaning and irony that is incorporated in each design sets them apart from anything I have ever seen. Grab a shirt for yourself >

Glenn started out by submiting T-shirt designs to the site Threadless.com. Once he found success there he moved on to start up his own shop and brand that goes by the name GLENNZ.

‘GLENN’ from ‘NZ’ = GLENNZ. GLENNZ was his username on Threadless.com, since that’s what people knew him by he carried the name over to his brand.



Coffee Pong - Glennz Tees

Topiary - Glennz Tees

Cooler - Glennz Tees

Extreme Beginnings - Glennz Tees

Cocktail Party - Glennz Tees

Stuck - Glennz Tees

Snail - Glennz Tees


Another thing I really like about Glennz Tees is the social aspect of the company. One of the ways Glennz Tees utilizes the community is by asking people to vote on what design they would like to see made into a shirt. The shirt that gets the most votes goes into production. The other thing they do is run a contest on Twitter almost every day. The contest only lasts for 30 minutes and all you have to do to enter is give up your Twitter username and email address. If you are chosen you win a free shirt. This is a great idea to gain Twitter followers and to keep people coming back to their site.

Where you can find Glennz:

Twitter: glennztees
Facebook: glennztees
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Glenn’s shirt design portfolio.

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